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Imagine A Training Method That Allowed You To....

Take Your Dog OFF Leash And
Never Have Him Leave Your Side

(Even If A Bunny Ran In-front Of Him)

Try My 'Training For Calm' Program For Just $2.95

You can fast-track your training and get your "Calm Dog" even sooner!

... I'm talking about a dog that's affectionate, well-mannered, trustworthy, and consistently obedient, even in the most challenging situations!

All with the help of "Calm Dog Video Training!"

During this exciting 8 week dog transformation bootcamp, we'll be using SIMPLE Internet technology that you already own to meet via the Web for weekly group training sessions!

Each week, you'll watch me give live video demonstrations to help you overcome your BIGGEST dog training challenges like jumping, barking, pulling on the leash, and chewing...

... And transform your dog into the ultimate CALM DOG, one lesson at a time!

8 Weeks From Now Your Dog Will Be Able To:

  1. Greet ANY stranger in a calm, friendly manner

  2. Sit calmly every time you or friends go to pet him

  3. Never pull on his leash during walks, or while jogging

  4. Walk through a crowd without pulling on his leash or lunging

  5. Stay sitting or laying down in one place for up to 20 minutes

  6. Come WHENEVER he's called... no matter how distracted

  7. Play NICELY with other dogs

  8. Obey commands the 1st time he hears them at least 90% of the time

  9. Never chew or destroy furniture when left home alone

... And that's just the beginning!

Because Your Results Are Guaranteed...
Or It's ME Who Eats His Shirt!

The Calm Dog Video Training Program is 100% guaranteed to work for you and your dog, or I'll be the one to eat his shirt.

Because if, after 8 weeks, your dog doesn't pass the "Calm Dog" test (requirements outlined above), then..

  1. You Can REPEAT The Entire Program At My Expense

  2. Or, You Can Claim A 100% Refund Of Your Monies Paid, No Questions Asked!

... And let me assure you, if you're reading this letter on a personal computer, hooked up to high speed Internet right now, you ALREADY have everything you need to participate!

Pay Just $2.95 To Try It For A Week...

That's right. 

I'm so confident you'll LOVE my "Calm Dog Video Training Program" that I'm prepared to let you participate in the first week's session for just $2.95!

So there's NO RISK! 

If you're not immediately convinced after our first week together that this program will transform YOUR dog into your "Calm Dog" simply send me an email saying "No Thanks" and never pay another dime.

Or you can continue on for the full 8 weeks of "Calm Dog" transformation coaching and earn your Good Canine Citizen Award for the extremely low investment of just $197... an incredible value at less than $16 per lesson.

And a small but worthwhile investment in the 10-15+ year lifetime relationship you'll have with your dog!

So Now It's Time To Decide:

Yes Chet... I'd like the additional support of your top-rated Calm Dog Video Training Program to transform my dog into my "Ultimate Calm Dog" and earn a "Good Canine Citizen Award" with this no-risk $2.95 Trial...

No Thanks, Chet... I'm confident that I can train my dog and overcome his biggest challenges on my own with the help of your "No Touch Dog Training System" (as many people do)…

Click Here If You Do Not Want The CALM Dog System as Well

WARNING!!! Please note, I'm only giving away a limited number of these $2.95 Trials.
You and your dog have slipped into a qualifying spot, but there are already people waiting in line behind you right now!

So I can't guarantee this trial will be available if you come back tomorrow... or even 15 minutes from now! Thanks for understanding. - Chet Womach.