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Free Videos - Make Your Dog Even EASIER To Live With!"

I'll send you a NEW 5-Minute Training Video every week, showing you how to teach your dog practical behaviors and commands that you need EVERY SINGLE DAY, just to get along!

Every weekly video will be short and punchy, nothing longer than 5 minutes. 

And the focus will be on PRACTICAL commands you need to live with a house dog, not far-out competition obedience commands -- like "weave an obstacle course off leash at a perfect heel." 

Our goal will be to transform your dog into a superstar house companion! 

So you'll get training videos on relevant topics like...

  • No shoving past you, to run through doors
  • Walking politely BEHIND YOU down stairs (No running!)
  • Teaching patience with toddlers who pull tails, ears, etc.
  • Sitting quietly while you greet guests at your door
  • No licking hands and faces
  • Stop barking or whining for attention
  • No stealing food, begging... or STARING!
  • Keeping his nose down, OFF counters and tables
  • Staying out from under foot in the kitchen
  • Exercising with basic agility, flyball, and frisbee tricks
  • Relaxing on cue
  • How to stop submissive peeing
  • Prevent your dog from "demanding" to be pet
  • Good manners for greeting new dogs

Plus much more!

I'll email you the password you need to watch each new video online, as often as you like, from my private website! But here's the BEST part:

It's Yours FREE for the next 30 Days, No Risk!

I'm so confident you'll LOVE my Weekly Video Training Program that I'm prepared to let you try it FREE for the next 30 days!

Keep it after 30 days, and you'll be grand fathered in at the low subscription rate of just $7.95 per month that can be cancelled at ANY TIME!

Or fire me an email saying "No Thanks Chet!" before your 30 days is complete, and you'll never pay a dime for it. 

It's a small but worthwhile investment in the 10+ year relationship you'll have with your dog. 

And there's no risk... Just a fair way for you to sample my video training for FREE!

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